138336 feet to the finish

26.2 miles seems daunting, but 138,336 feet seems nearly unimaginable. I’ve done it once and I’ll do it again. This time around the challenge of training has come over the summer months versus winter ones. Instead of layering up to run in snow and sleet, it’s been finding the least amount of clothes to acceptably run through the streets of Brooklyn. Instead of running at noon in February to get the most sun and warmth, I’ve been running at sunrise or sundown to avoid it.  Most challenging has been doing it alone. In 2011 Team Eye and Ear trained together. Hills on Tuesdays and long runs on Saturday. Here in Brooklyn it’s just me and my iPod and the pavement, and the traffic.

The motivation however is unchanged. I run for people who cannot. I hope that on October 27th I can represent those doctors, researchers, nurses, and more importantly the patients who are a part of the Joslin Diabetes Center family. In 2006, nearly 67,000 non traumatic amputations were performed on diabetic patients.

Every donation made to Joslin Diabetes toward my goal of $2,000 will help to educate and treat those with diabetes in the hope that one less person may lose a limb, or go blind, or simply have to  test their blood sugar a dozen times a day.  Please consider joining me in this fight. Donations can be made by clicking HERE. If you are unable to donate please share this post. Awareness is a powerful tool.



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I need your help fundraising for Joslin Diabetes Center

photoAs many of you know,  I’m taking another shot at running a marathon and this time it’s personal. On October 27th I’ll be running the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA for the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. 

Almost 10 years ago, my youngest brother Peter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Like the nearly 25 million in the US who live with diabetes, Peter must monitor and maintain his blood glucose levels daily through a combination of insulin, diet and exercise. Keeping blood glucose levels within a normal range is very important because poor glucose control is associated with an increased risk of serious complications including damage to blood vessels which may lead to eye, heart and kidney disease.

Joslin is dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes live long, healthy lives and offers real hope and progress toward diabetes prevention and a cure. The challenge of running 26.2 miles is nothing compared to the challenge of living with diabetes and in running this year I hope to raise $2000 to support the research and clinical efforts of Joslin.

Every dollar makes a difference. You can donate directly on my fundraising website or mail checks made out to Joslin Diabetes Center to Shawn Wolfgang 197 29th St Brooklyn, NY 11232. If everyone donates a $1 per mile ($26.20) I will reach my goal and the finish line in no time.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

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It’s so hot. Milk was a bad choice. 

Heat wave strikes NYC and the last thing I want to do is go out and train, but it must be done and it’s for a great cause. I just set up my fundraising page. This year my goal is $2000 and I’m hoping to blow it out of the water. Every dollar donated helps. If for one day you skip that Venti Iced Chai Soy Latte you may help cure diabetes, a disease that affects over 25 million Americans.

Thanks in advance for your help. Stay hydrated out there.

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Beat Oprah.

I am happy to announce that in October of this year I’ll be running the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon for the Joslin Diabetes Center of Boston. Stay tuned for more information and donation links in the coming weeks. I ran Boston in 2011 with a time of 4:30, Oprah ran this very marathon in 4:29. She won’t beat me twice.

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Today at Noon I reached my fundraising goal of $6000 for the incredible Mass Eye and Ear! It has been an absolute pleasure running for Team Eye and Ear and I really must thank everyone there (especially Kristina Sym) for their support and encouragement throughout the training season and especially on race day. It was such a challenging experience but for every rough day or rough mile, the reward was 10 fold.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart to all the companies that supported my fundraisers and all of the individual donors. You are incredible people. I am still accepting donations through tomorrow for those still interested in donating you can visit http://www.firstgiving.com/shawnwolfgang

Eternally grateful


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Mission Accomplished: Boston Marathon

Just past halfway

When I set out to run the Boston Marathon many years ago after the inspiration of a college mentor, part of me never thought it would happen. On Monday, when I was actually running the Boston Marathon for Mass Eye and Ear, part of me didn’t believe it was happening.

It was easily on of the defining moments in my life. I can’t tell you how great it feel to run down Boylston St knowing that I had just run 26.2 miles. Along the way I saw so many great friends and family members that cheered me along. There were so many people screaming and cheering my name and those of everyone around me that I was so glad I didn’t run with my iPod. Those screams and cheers kept me going over the hills of Newton. They made me run again when I was walking and was wondering where the hell the finish line was.

I saw a woman, bald from chemo, whose shirt said “My PR was beating cancer”. I saw another man whose shirt read “Boston 2009, Cancer 2010, Boston 2011”. At one point I ran past Team Hoyt and even Ray Allen’s Mom. There were Batmans and Robins and clowns and cavemen, there was even a burger and fries.

By mile 19 my feet hurt from my ankles to my toenails. Then at mile 24, I saw a sign that said “Know why your feet hurt? Because you’re kicking so much ass.” My feet still hurt, but suddenly it was an good hurt. There were cheers for Team Eye and Ear and there were simple “thank you”s.

While I may not have set a world record, I most definitely won this race. Another sign on the hills said “Today you go from a runner to a marathoner”. Perhaps even more impressive is that I went from a non-runner to a runner to a marathoner. In the process I set out to teach you all a little bit more about Mass Eye and Ear and the great docs and research that they are doing. Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes watched as I ran past in my red Team Eye and Ear singlet and I couldn’t have been prouder.

Thank you Mass Eye and Ear for this great opportunity and for those who have supported me along this journey. I am still accepting donations through April 27th and am less than $900 from my goal. Check out my progress here http://www.firstgiving.com/shawnwolfgang

Post race with my parents


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I’m still coming off the runner’s high but I wanted to at least let everyone know that I finished (and my legs feel surprisingly good)! I’ll update with more in depth recap hopefully this afternoon.

Thanks for all the support.


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Bib number acquired, 2 days til Hopkinton

This afternoon I got up and headed into the city. While evidence of the marathon started earlier in the week with barricades and no parking signs, this was my first venture down Boylston beyond 939. Getting off the T at Copley and walking down Boylston was more overwhelming than I expected.

2011 Finish Line

It finally sunk in. On Monday I will be running to support Mass Eye and Ear for 26.2 miles. While today is cold, overcast, and windy, all signs point to a sunny and warm race day on Monday. Approximately 27,000 of us will start the historic race in Hopkinton and finish in Copley in anywhere from just over 2 hours for the elites to closer to 6 hours for the slowest members of the pack. I hope to fall somewhere between 4 & 5 hours.

Years ago when the seed was first planted to run a marathon there was a part of me that thought it might never happen. There are definitely a few of you reading this that probably thought the same. When the weather was bitter and the roads were ice there were pangs of doubt again. But then I think about all of the people that benefit from the doctors and services at Mass Eye and Ear and I think about the limited few people who have the privilege of running the Boston Marathon.

I picked up my bib number (24835 for those following along at home), bought my official Boston Marathon jacket, and returned back to my apartment to start eating pasta and relaxing for the next 48 hours before the big day. I cannot wait to get to Hopkinton. The family arrives tomorrow and it will be even more real.

Want to feel inspired? Watch this video about Dr Rizzo (who passed me on my 21 mile run) and Will McNamara who are both part of Team Eye and Ear. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2011/04/15/doctor-blind-patient-run-boston-marathon-to-help-each-other/


PS I am still accepting donations. I’m at 75% of my goal. Even $5 will make a difference. http://www.firstgiving.com/shawnwolfgang

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One week from now I’ll be mid marathon

It looks like the stars are lining up, and barring disaster, next week at this time I will be running the Boston Marathon. I’m excited, anxious, and nervous all at once. This week I’m just doing some short runs to keep my legs fresh and hoping to get some good sleep in. Unfortunately my friend and teammate (and reason I’m running for Team Eye and Ear) Annie injured herself and will not be able to run next week. Last year I watched her cross the finish line and it inspired me to do it this year. I know that she will be on the sidelines cheering me on.

I still need help getting to my fundraising finish line. I’m only about $2000 from my goal of $6000. Every single dollar matters. So please consider donating even $1. It will make a difference, simply visit my donation site for more information

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!


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Must beat Oprah, will definitely beat AC Slater

So the other day my friend Kevin sent me this great link of 25 celebrity marathon runners. Oprah ran the Marine Marathon a couple years ago and finished in a respectable 4:29:20. Mario Lopez on the other hand finished the Boston Marathon in 5:41:41. Now I’m not expecting to set any records (although Eric said his donation only counts if I win) but I do believe that I can definitely beat AC Slater’s marathon time and there is a good chance I’ll beat Oprah’s. Will Ferrell did Boston under 4 hours! For the full list check click HERE

Two weeks from right now you can check back and see how I did.


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