ALBANY PRIZES: Proctors and Regal 18 @ Crossgates

I’m really glad that I got my run in yesterday because the weather is just nasty here in Boston. Huge snowflakes gave way to rain. Hoping it doesn’t freeze up because it will be treacherous if it does. Now the good news!

I am grateful to Dottie and everyone over at Proctors in Schenectady who graciously donated TWO of the ‘best available’ seats to the winners choice of: Apr 1 Piano Jazz Summit, OR  April 1 or April 2 Next Move: Festival of Modern Dance. OR FOUR ‘best available’ seats to March 31 Stories of Dance OR April 30 Beakman on the Brain. For more information about these programs and all of the great programs at Proctors visit their website HERE

Also Erin and the staff over at Crossgates Mall have been kind enough to donate a pair of tickets to the Regal Cinema 18 @ Crossgates Mall. There are plenty of good movies coming out this Spring so this is sure to be a hot prize!

Don’t forget the event is Feb 19 from 2pm – 5pm at Bomber’s. $20 suggested donation to get in plus raffle and 50/50!

As always you can donate HERE


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